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Dongfangzhizhu Business Hotel

NO.6 Fenghuang Road

30 Single/70 Twin room

160 RMB ( Breakfast Included)

 Mr. Qin 13901430968

Home Inn

NO.99 Qingnian Road

40 Single/50 Twin room

144 RMB (15 RMB For Breakfast Per Person)

 Mr. Xu 13961019886

Home Inn

NO.388 Hailing Road

50 Single/30 Twin room

160 RMB (12 RMB For Breakfast Per Person)

 Mr. Cai 18752516699

GreenTree Inn

NO.43 Meilan Road

20 Single/40 Twin room

160 RMB ( Breakfast Included)

 Mr. Cao 13921706372

Wall Street Business Hotel

NO.25 Yongxing Road

60 Single/60 Twin room

160 RMB (15 RMB For Breakfast Per Person)

 Mr. Ma 18961052677

Smart Hotel

Wanda plaza, G a 1 unit no. 101

80 Single/40 Twin room

258 RMB ( Breakfast Included)

 Mr. Qin 13914541088

Note: All the hotels arrange shuttle buses. Please refer to the Schedule of Shuttle Bus of each hotel.



FengchengFengcheng River:It is a 6650 meter long moat that protected Taizhou from enemy invaders. Currently, the Fengcheng River Scenic Area has become a natural ecological area of the modern city.

The four cultural treasures of Taizhou, namely history, local opera, customs and business can all be seen along the river. Taizhou Old Street is located on the east of the Fengcheng River Scenic Area, offering choices of restaurants and local specialties. The Peach Garden is also along the river, with blooming peach trees. The Sea-watching scenic area also on the river front, among many other attractions. To have a holistic view, you may be interested in taking a night boat around the ancient moat, the ride showcases Taizhou’s intangible cultural heritage.

Peach Garden : This private park is located just behind the old street. Its riverside front allows for lovely views of the Sea-Watching Scenic Area, lush greens, and boat access. Also in this park, the renowned book “The Peach Blossom Fan” by He Fei was written. The former residence of the author is also open to visitation.

Peach GardenTaishan ParkTaishan Park:Inside the Taishan Park, there is a large wooden gate that conceals a lovely miniature tree garden. This bonsai garden is one of Taizhou’s pride, dating back years and years. The garden is considered to be national level intangible heritage once it consists of elaborate gardening skills and techniques. The master gardener, now deceased proved his worth and incredible ability through his plants. A visit to this garden is necessary in order to understand the true beauty of nature and man, together.

Qiao Garden:Located at the central area of Taizhou City, Qiao Garden is a typical Chinese classical garden built during Ming Dynasty, 1500s’. With over 500 years of history, Qiao Garden is regarded as the oldest classical garden within northern Jiangsu Province. Walking inside the garden, you’ll see exquisite gardens filled with all kinds of pavilions, houses, rockeries, ponds, and bonsais. Hu Jintao, while a young boy, used to play here with friends after school. This garden is also where Mei Lanfang, China’s most famous Beijing Opera actor lived for a few years. The garden, once you visit and wander through it, seems like an oasis away from city life

Qinhu Lake National Wetland Park: Located in Jiangyan City, the Qinhu Lake National Wetland Park is 26 square kilometers large and is one of the National 4A attractions of China. There are altogether 153 species of wild plants and 97 species of wild animals (including rare red-crowned cranes and Pere David's deer). To reach the park area, you'll need to take a quick speed boat across the lake. Once there, trails will take you through the lands where animal spotting and bird watching are moments of fun and ease. In the park grounds, another boat is available. We recommend you take it. Women pilot the boat and sing traditional songs. If you know some Chinese, you can adventure into a conversation, these women are full of stories and local knowledge. The ride takes you through the forest and into a small tea house. Snacks and tea are specialties. You'll enjoy tasting some of Taizhou’s ginkgo seeds, tomatoes and nuts.Many festivals are held here, including a Boating Festival, Gourmet Festival and Ecological Festival.

Li Zhong Water Forest:This environmental education base is an excellent choice for bird watchers and those looking for tranquility. The park was marshland in the 1980s, and today is a forest of pine trees separated into strips of trees by canals. Over 100.000 trees are growing, fishing is booming, and mallards are bred in the park. While visiting, you can chose to walk on wooden catwalks through the trees, or to take a ride on a Tom Sawyer sort of raft.

Yellow Rapeseed Plantation:This farmland is closer to being a water maze than a traditional plantation. A number of rivers and canals have been integrated forming thousands of small farmable islands. More than 600 families from two different villages gather to farm the area. The major plant is the rapeseed. This plant blooms bright golden yellow for three weeks of the year, during the Qingming Festival.