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China Medical City Conference & Exhibition Trade Center

China Medical City Conference & Exhibition Trade Center and Taizhou International Expo Center is located in the southeast of Taizhou Medical High-tech Industrial Park and to the east of Taizhou Road. Its first-phase project involves a total investment of over 600 million yuan and covers a building area of 60 thousand square meters. Divided into operation area, fixed exhibition area and auxiliary service area, it has five functions including exhibition, special transaction, international conference, comprehensive auxiliary services and logistic distribution.

With the assembly of medical industry in the park and the continuous development of the cooperation and exchange of medical enterprises, the exhibition and trade service function of this exhibition center has been appearing more and more prominently. Many large-scale exhibitions based on the theme of medical industry have so far been successfully held here, including the First China (Taizhou) International Medical Expo and the First China (Taizhou) Financial Expo.

Taizhou Guotai Conference & Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. is making bold attempts, active explorations and continuous innovations through a new model of cyclic development of “promoting conference, exhibition, sales and research with research, conference, exhibition and sales respectively”, trying to create a “365-day unending exhibition trade conference” incorporating the trade of medical products, the exchange of medical science and technology and the trade of the results of medical scientific research.