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Exhibited items

Focusing on exhibiting the latest scientific and technical achievements, new technologies and products in the field of medical industry

1.China medical city area: Focusing on displaying the idea, direction and accomplishment for Jiangsu Province and Taizhou City to develop the industry of biomedicine health and Focus on displaying the development philosophy, construction results and investment environment of China Medical City.

2.Exhibition area for medical enterprises: focusing on exhibiting new technologies, products, etc. of Chinese and overseas medical enterprises.

3.Exhibition area for high and new scientific and technical achievements: focusing on exhibiting the new products, technologies, etc. (industrialized or to be industrialized) researched and developed by Chinese and overseas universities,scientific-research institutes and medical institutions in such aspects as drugs,vaccines,medical apparatus and instruments,diagnostic reagents, biological products and medical technology.

4.Exhibition area for biomedical bases: Focusing on displaying the construction and development accomplishment of key biomedical bases and parks in China.

5.Trading zone for patent technical products: It is mainly for exhibition of
domestic & international patent technical products and aims to establish platform for cooperation and communication.

6.Permanent exhibition area: exhibiting the relevant achievements of biomedical science and technology for a long time in the form of museum.

7.Industrial service: medical outsourcing, consultancy, relevant media, etc.


Exhibition areas

1. Exhibition Area for China Medical City, Famous Pharmaceutical Enterprises and International Exchange & Cooperation
The area demonstrates the new technologies and products of well-known pharmaceutical enterprises at home and abroad, the information of the biomedical industry of some countries, as well as the construction and development situation of China Medical City.

2. Exhibition Area for Medical Devices
The area demonstrates household and hospital medical devices at home and abroad, which launches matchmaking,communication, negotiation and trading activities.

3. Exhibition Area for pharmaceutical factories at home and abroad and research and development institutions
The area displays the new technologies and products from the enterprises and institutions.

4. Exhibition Area for Healthy Foodstuffs and the time-honored products of Jiangsu Province
The area exhibits various healthy foodstuffs, and the health care products, food and daily supplies made by the time-honored enterprises. This area also carries out spot settlement.